Finish carpentry is fabulous. Nice people my biggest concern is the quality of work, they have the same understanding of quality that I do. Al was always trying to dial it back. i ordered really expensive tile and heated floors. He was worried that I was going to go over budget which is nice for him to think about. We were on time and materials and that works perfect for me. I’ve remodeled 5 homes for myself and he is the best I’ve ever seen. His subs are great. If he says they’re good, he knows. They were protective of me not spending more than I wanted to. 6 months after I found out the neighbor came over and had them look at her door. They shaved and re-hung it. They are people to hang on to. I had no reservations about giving them my keys. I always work time and materials. So references are really important I missed them when they were gone. Had fun having them her. When we were demoing the downstairs, we found there was an old safe built into the wall. They pulled it out and put it in the side yard. The old owner, 80 year old man, wanted the door and Total Concept helped him put it in his truck. Really accommodating
Al was superb at making sure the next step was ready and prepared. He used real quality Subs that you liked having at your home. Excellent problem solver. Thinks a lot about the jobs he’s doing. Considers the options and is very creative in how he can get the job done. Historic home . Nothing’s true and nothing’s where it should be. Got a lot of value for the money we spent.
Designer was familiar with our style of home. Both designer and Al did work for my friend first. They were very clear about the potential problems almost to a fault, so rather than having problems spring up, they ran through the worst case/best case scenario. Very detailed work, very conscientious, very methodical.
Happened in 1997 Great communication talked to me about everything that was going on. Timely they were here sober every morning. Quality, carpentry was just excellent. What they did looks better than the rest of the house. They put a hot tub in without scratching the house. Nothing bad to say about him. They were very timely and took care of some things they didn’t need to take care of. Worked very well with inspectors. Only problem was the rain, Al couldn’t help me. Architect screwed up but Al took care of it. They put the windows in the way they should have been. Whole end of the house expanded. A little sitting room, moved the wall over 4 inches and we could fit a couch in. Very Satisfied
Really happy with the work he did. He was the GC and managed the whole thing, Jerry and him do amazing carpentry work. Matched every square inch of trim. Did a great job keeping things going on the project mgmt side. Only one budget overrun, he estimated wrong because of the jerk painter. Al made it ok and everything got done. haven’t had anything go wrong. no regrets. would use him again honest straight forward, communicates very well. he’s a little serious, not a criticism, he takes his job seriously. lived in our house for 90% of the remodel, he kept it very clean. Al didn’t like the job the
floor guy did in our bedroom, he made the guy re-do it. on a project this big, the biggest surprise is that there were no big surprises.
Very efficient only time issue was with Subs communication and a desire to please the customer. Dealt with Al, he always took full responsibility. his willingness to provide quality.
Built a house for me in 85 in indianola. then a big remodel for me in edmonds in 96 a shed in 2000 Fine attitude, helpful and likes to think about something before he opens his mouth. Always comes through, he’s a fine man
Estimate was uncertain. Al defined that for me. Happy with the way it came out. I wasn’t in a real big hurry. he wasn’t able to do it right away. I was flexible about the start time. Once they got started it was done in a week. got a sense that I could trust Al up front. Took 4-5 days for the whole project. did a good job cleaning up every day. overall quality of the work was good. From what I could see, they did a really good.
Quality was a 5 plus. told us when it would be done and it was. very personable and knowledgeable and customer oriented. He listened to us. no BS, no Up-Sell Only negative is that he cashed our checks, some of his subs were real chatty. Like they were lonely. if we had to do anything we would wait for him.
Clean up was great. not cheap, you get what you pay for. Easy going, real mellow kind of guy. I like that about him. Realistic and easy to deal with.